Why This Pursuit?

I wish my grandparents would step from a time portal, in their 1950’s apparel, and reveal to me all their advice, their experiences, the family conversations I missed.  My mother’s father and my father’s mother both passed away before my parents met.  My father’s father passed away within a year of my birth, and my mother’s mother succumbed to a stroke and dementia while I was in my teens.  Even if they had survived, lucidly, into my 30’s, I doubt I would have had the forethought to inquire about their lives and experiences.  They kept no journals, no diaries, no 8mm home movies, no audio recordings.  My opportunity to know the world through their aggregate lens has expired.

I Worry My Funeral Will Be Sad

Not “ha ha” sad, or sad as in people wailing uncontrollable, throwing themselves atop my casket with grief.  Rather, sad as in bland, hushed, and deprived of my input.  I foresee my wake being akin to that disastrous birthday party I (poorly) planned in my own honor. I ran out of ice, the beer was warm, there were too few folding chairs, the store-bought sheet cake was stale, and everyone had a miserable time. I subsequently learned they all secretly met for drinks after their mass exodus.

Plan well in advance, and plan well. Don’t forget the ice, and be prepared to tell your story.

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